Why Old People Are Dieing

Elderly neglect and abandonment. While recent improvements in healthcare should contribute to longer lifespans, global longevity rates have declined. This decline may partially be due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused widespread deaths and disruptions in healthcare for other critical conditions. The continued rise of chronic diseases, unequal access to quality healthcare, unhealthy lifestyle factors, and mental health concerns also impact longevity.

However, its my own belief that elderly abuse and neglect are more likely to be major factors in the overall decline of longevity rates, as they often go underreported. The high cost of assisted living compared to sports tickets or a trip to Hawaii reflects where our priorities lie. Tickets offer short-term single-event entertainment. If that money was instead used to give old people space and freedom, I think our parents could live to be 150 years or more. It’s no secret that money can buy you good health. The easiest way to put money to use for our dear old parents / treasures is to cut out the activities that are selfish and stupid.




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