When is the best time to workout?

The best time to work out is not before your 9–5, it’s not after your 9–5, and it’s not any other set time. The best time to work out is when you feel like working out.

All through growing up, my body wanted to be moving whenever I was forced to sit a desk at school or do homework at home. I was dreaming of playing soccer, basketball, or golf. But, I wanted to become a doctor and I knew how competive it was. Sadly, I traded my health for good grades mostly because I felt so trapped and figured that money was the only way to buy myself freedom some day. What good is information and knowledge if we die of diabetes from sitting around too much?

I noticed the same thing with my son who was in perfect health before he started school. All he wanted to do was run around and play. Then, school started and he was forced to be inactive most of the day. He had behavior problems that were no his fault. The system is at fault.

We are both obese now and we urgently need excercise. I know, I know. Your teacher and boss at work will say you are free to workout around your 9–5 schedule. That just doesn’t work for humans. The second you become overweight, the system needs to shout out an alarm and allow you to excercise whenever and as long as you can. Please share your thoughts below.


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