The Easiest and Most Effective Way To Handle Plagarism

Duplicate content is a very difficult thing to police. I imagine a day where duplicate content can be automatically removed from the major search engines. Or, if the original author allowes, the content can be edited, and links to the original website where the article originated the duplicate content can be inserted at the bottom. This is probably impossible to police, but with websites like Medium can make it easier. I imagine Google and Medium are already policing this by not indexing sites with duplicate content especially if enough complaints are made.

I can also imagine using the blockchain to help. Currently the blockchain makes it impossible to double spend cryptocurrency. The first person to sepnd the crypto is determined to be the owner. Nearly all the content on the internet is already being gathered by the main search engines. Trying to establish whether anything was written offline before it was posted online becomes an enormous waste of resources. Not all duplicate content is undesirable. However, squabbling over who came up with the idea first is not a good thing. Technology can be a big assistance in this situation. Repost to gain more exposure or cross-post on different networks. Determining the actual “original” can be challenging because not all platforms provide accurate timestamps, and substantial editing can make it difficult to identify the source from the text alone. Likewise, automated deletion would necessitate a thorough legal investigation for genuine copyright disputes and might prevent protected uses of other people’s works, such as criticism. In addition to providing resources like reporting systems and canonical links, Medium may also enhance its algorithms to locate almost identical material for human evaluation. It is problematic, though, to automatically reroute Partner Program earnings to a claimed “original” author. The same challenges that make identifying the real unique difficult would also apply, and it would necessitate an intricate system of monitoring and confirming earnings amongst authors.would necessitate the use of an intricate system to monitor and validate author incomes across the board.




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