Remote Viewing

Remote viewing, that tantalizing concept of peering through space and time with the mind alone, is a staple of speculative fiction. It’s a realm where the boundaries of perception blur, and the psychic becomes the protagonist. Let’s dive into the fictional realms where remote viewing takes center stage.

In a classic spy thriller, the remote viewer might be a reluctant asset, their uncanny visions reluctantly extracted for high-stakes espionage. They see not just locations, but the tense faces of enemies, the ticking clock hidden in a briefcase, the fatal flaw in an assassination plot. Their gift is both a weapon and a curse, dragging them into a clandestine world they never chose.

For the noir detective, remote viewing adds a twist to the hardboiled tale. Instead of pounding the pavement, they sit in a dusty office, mind flitting through shadows unseen by the ordinary eye. They trace the lingering psychic echoes of a violent crime, taste the fear of a vanished woman, or feel the cold determination of a killer on the run.

Science fiction takes remote viewing to dizzying heights. Imagine the astronaut lost in the vast emptiness of space, using their mind as a lifeline. They ‘see’ a distant outpost, a flickering signal, a path through the cosmic wilderness. Or, perhaps a scientist taps into the psychic undercurrents of an alien world, deciphering ancient ruins or witnessing the rise and fall of a civilization unlike our own.

Historical fiction offers a unique twist, where remote viewers ‘witness’ pivotal…




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