Google Gemini and Quillbot

I’ve been searching around for a good Chat GPT alternative and a Turnitin alternative. Some how Turnitin is getting away with storing everyone’s stories on their servers. And, they say they are using it to prevent plagarism? Sure, sure, sure, sure. Hey everyone, we have this big powerful thing called Big Education and we can get away with downloading and storing anything we want no matter who came up with it first or how damaging it could be.

The best alternatives that I have found to assist me in writing obscure and creative new stories that aren’t boring as hell are Google Gemini and Quillbot. I really don’t have a problem with them storing my prompts on their server. In fact, I really hope that good, kind, nice people can see my questions and learn how to ask better questions. I try very hard to come up with my own ideas that pop up in my head when I take a shower or sit in the hot tub. Yeah, believe it not, I get my best ideas in the short time that I shower or sit in the hot tub. Usually, I have to go under water in the hot tub so that I don’t have to listen to people pretend to know all about athletes and sports. The quiet noise of the jets takes me to my own little world, where good thoughts come to me.

If someone uses your ideas or even a few of your sentences, don’t get made. Instead, just read their writing at their wedding or funeral!




DISCLAIMER: I USE GOOGLE GEMINI and Quillbot to write stories. I love writing about obscure topics that matter and providing the very best helpful comments.